Thayer Street Housing

Thayer Street Housing

January 13, 2017

A LEED Silver certified student housing facility in the heart of Brown University campus, powered by solar energy. Gilbane Development Company has been creating and implementing successful real estate projects for public, private and non-profit clients throughout the United States for four decades. The 240-panel array was installed atop the four-story apartment complex, and turned online in August 2015. The solar array is expected to generate 78,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, providing 11% of the facilities annual electricity consumption. The system will offset the equivalent of 60.4 tons of carbon dioxide annually, and generate enough clean energy to power 5.8 homes each year.

System Owner:  Gilbane Development
Location:  Providence, RI
Project Type:  Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
System Size:  67 kW DC
System Type:  Rooftop - membrane
Incentives:  RI Renewable Energy Fund (REF) Cash Grant, Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) + MACRS
Annual Savings:  $14,500
Lifetime Savings:  $350,000

A LEED certified student housing facility located in the capital city of Providence, Rhode Island.

The system utilizes 240 solar modules and 4 inverters to deliver 12% of the building’s annual electricity.

This 4 story rooftop system was custom designed to exceed 120 mph wind speed and maximize the use of roof area.

An 80 ton crane assisted in moving safety equipment and materials to the roof in a single day.

The building will generate a portion of its electricity on-site for at least the next 25 years.

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