Saint Mary Academy Bay View

Saint Mary Academy Bay View

February 06, 2017

St. Mary Academy - Bay View is an independent, Catholic school serving a diverse population of girls from pre-school through grade twelve located in Riverside, Rhode Island. The 176-panel array was completed and turned online in January 2016. The solar array is expected to generate 61,500 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, providing 7% of the school’s annual electricity consumption.  The system will offset the equivalent of 47.6 tons of carbon dioxide annually, and generate enough clean energy to power 4.7 homes each year.

System Owner:  Saint Mary Academy Bay View
Location:  East Providence, RI
Project Type:  Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
System Size:  49.2 kW DC
System Type:  Rooftop – standing seam
Incentives:  RI Renewable Energy Fund (REF) Cash Grant, RI Office of Energy Resources (OER) Solar for Schools Grant
Annual Savings:  $6,000
Lifetime Savings:  $170,600

An all-girls school utilizing solar energy to decrease its environmental impact and educate its students.

The school utilized its large gymnasium roof as the base of its 50 kW solar array.

The system was tied into the main electrical equipment of the gymnasium.

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