Seaside Zero Energy Home

Seaside Zero Energy Home

January 08, 2017

Newport Renewables designed and built this waterfront 4,000 SF zero energy home with high efficiency building envelope, geothermal heating and cooling system, solar photovoltaic array, and backup generator. The geothermal system and solar PV array offset 100% of the entire home’s energy demand. The 44-panel array was completed and turned online in October 2014. The solar array is expected to generate 14,700 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, providing 100% of the home’s annual electricity consumption.  The PV system will offset the equivalent of 11.4 tons of carbon dioxide annually, and generate enough clean energy to power 1.1 homes each year.

System Owner:  Private Client
Location:  Jamestown, RI
Project Type:  Zero Energy Home
System Size:  12.1 kW DC
Incentives:  RI Renewable Energy Fund (REF) Cash Grant, Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

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