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Since 2010, Newport Renewables has been Rhode Island’s leading provider of clean energy solutions for families, businesses and communities. As a licensed general contractor, electrical contractor, and renewable energy professional, we design, build and operate zero energy homes and solar photovoltaic systems with our in-house team of craftsman, electricians and renewable energy professionals. We self perform the majority of the work on each of our clean energy projects, allowing us greater control over quality, cost and schedule, directly benefitting our clients.

We deliver clean energy solutions using a technology based approach, yielding a higher degree of accuracy and precision than our competitors. It is normal to see our crews using the latest technology to complete their work, measuring with lasers, speaking in decimals and fastening with tools commonly found on precision manufacturing assembly lines.

We are firm believers in spending extra time during planning and design in order to mitigate risk and accelerate the construction process.

Renewable energy is complex, NPTRE makes it easy®.

Michael Cabral
Co-Founder & Principal
Stuart Flanagan
Co-Founder & Principal

What Sets Us Apart?

We are a leading provider of solar energy and zero energy homes. We develop, build and operate clean energy projects for families, businesses and communities.


Our transparent approach imbues trust in our clients as we assume responsibility for all phases of each project.


The ability to self-perform the majority of the work on each project allows us to better control cost, schedule, and quality.


Our technology based approach allows us a degree of accuracy higher than our competitors. Our people come from a wide range of educational backgrounds.

Green Generation

Clean energy is in our DNA. Our team of professionals is passionate, reliable and adaptive - we are a young company with a long term approach to transform our future.

Newport Renewables

Company History

In 2010 Stuart Flanagan and Michael Cabral founded Stateside Precision Group on the island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands, specializing in the design and construction of high performance homes. During their time in the Virgin Islands, Stuart and Michael closely followed the inception of the clean energy industry in their home state of Rhode Island. After completing construction of several homes in 2010, the team decided to bring the business home to Rhode Island, where the need for clean energy solutions was unfilled by the local workforce.

The company relocated to Newport, Rhode Island in late 2010 and in 2011 rebranded as Newport Renewables, specializing in zero energy homes and solar energy. Since relocating, the company has grown from two to twelve employees, opened an additional workshop in Providence, RI and has provided clean energy solutions for dozens of satisfied customers. Over the last four years Newport Renewables has built several zero energy homes and has installed over 1,000 kilowatts of solar capacity in the state.

Since its inception, Newport Renewables has always welcomed challenging projects. Several of our most noteworthy projects include building Rhode Island’s first DOE certified Zero Energy Home, installing a solar array on Newport’s 3rd largest historic Bellevue Avenue mansion, developing North Carolina’s first utility scale solar array on a municipal landfill, and installing solar arrays on eight public and private Rhode Island schools.

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